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Training with a weighted suit vs training without one

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

So you are ready to rock your next training session in the gym. You head out onto the floor and start working out like a savage. You make some impressive results but you notice something odd. That person in the strange suit seems to be making more progress than you. You both do the same workouts for the same amount of time but why are they progressing faster? Because they have been using a weighted suit in their training. A weighted training suit can make a MASSIVE difference in someone’s training. It puts them worlds apart from their rivals and everyone else in the gym. That’s why Universal Performance has created the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT. This amazing product will take your training to the highest level. The difference the POWERSUIT makes is immediately noticeable and will change your game. Just take a look at the difference a weighted training suit makes when you train with one vs without one!

Better Strength Training

Most training involves increasing someone's strength. Whether they want to be able to deadlift 500 pounds or just put on some extra muscle on, increasing power comes with training. This is a pretty straight forward concept but one the POWERSUIT helps improve drastically. How does this differ when someone is using a weighted suit vs without one? The weighted suit will give the one wearing it more effective training for building their core strength. They will also improve faster than someone without a weighted suit. Why? Because the extra weight helps the body get more out of every workout. The POWERSUIT includes extra weight placed throughout it, giving you even more weight to work with. Trust us when we say, this gives you amazing results!

Improved Reaction Time

Every physical activity requires impressive reaction skills. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, running, every sport requires you to be able to react in a split second. That split second can make the difference between winning and losing. How does this skill change between training with a weighted training suit or without one? The suits help build up your reaction time faster and gives you better results than doing routines without one. Training without a weighted suit can help improve reaction time but improvements will come at a significantly slower rate. Get the most out of every bit of your training when you use the POWERSUIT.

More Speed

Reaction time is important but it won’t mean anything unless paired with speed. The same impact a weighted suit has on reaction time it has on speed. The extra weight trains the body to move under heavier weight. Once that is removed, the body will be operating ahead of the curve. Athletes will feel lighter, move faster, and have improved endurance. Someone who doesn’t train with a weighted suit can improve their speed but they will have to work harder and do specific drills. If you want to increase your speed to the highest level, you need to be training with a weighted suit. When you wear the POWERSUIT even just a brisk walk helps enhances your speed!

More out of every workout

Weighted suits don’t just help you work harder, they give you more out of every workout. Using a weighted training suit helps you improve faster and have more effective workouts. You could stick to the same old training techniques but why not enhance them with weighted training? The POWERSUIT turns just a normal walk into a cardio workout. What better way to get a workout when you are swamped than putting on a suit and going for a walk? You couldn’t get this if you weren’t using a weighted suit. When you put on the POWERSUIT and go through your regular routine, you will notice an immediate change.

Weighted suits like the POWERSUIT don’t just make you work harder, they make you work smarter. An athlete’s speed, strength, and reaction time will improve faster than someone working out without one. These suits also give someone more out of every bit of their training. What could be better than that? The Universal Performance family is all about taking your training to the highest level, which is why we created the POWERSUIT. Training with us means you are training for greatness. Be sure to look at our partner, POWERHANDZ, for more amazing training gear. When you work with us, you are going to smoke the competition. Contact us today! To learn more about the POWERSUIT and our goals, read our blog!

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