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The POWERSUIT VS.The Vertimax

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

A Vertimax system is a platform with bungee cords that attempts to increase an athlete's vertical jump. Athletes looking to increase their vertical leap believe these products are the only systems that can help them improve their vertical leap but the reality is all you need is the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance!

The POWERSUIT is carefully designed and weight balanced so that it can boost your vertical leap WITHOUT the extra bungees, and cords. Furthermore, the suit is not a one-dimensional training tool and can be used to improve all aspects of athletic performance. If you’re looking to improve your vertical leap and can’t decide on a training tool to assist you, check out how we compare:

A Vertimax Is Expensive

Good training equipment is expensive, and a good Vertimax system will easily cost you over $1,000. An advanced Vertimax system, similar to the ones used by professional athletes will even sometimes cost over $2,000. Not the POWERSUIT. The suit is cost-effective, and the best part is your entire sports team can have one! The POWERSUIT offers special team pricing so everyone can have one!

Not Effective For Everyone

A Vertimax training system is definitely not for everyone. Men and women of different heights and weights can use the system, but that does not necessarily mean training with one is actually going to increase your vertical leap. Since most people do not own their own, they have to go out of their way to find one to use. If training with one is not consistent, it will be extremely hard to measure if the Vertimax is actually helping.

When comparing this, the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT is a clear winner. This is because it’s effective for everyone! That's right, everyone, not just some athletes. The POWERSUIT works for both men and women, so they can utilize the suit properly! By performing normal activities, or workouts, your movements become more powerful and explosive! Athletes can increase their vertical leap way easier because the POWERSUIT feels exactly like you're wearing a thin work out outfit...and the best part is that your body is NOT restricted to some cables on a platform.

Heavy & Cumbersome

Have you seen a Vertimax system? Those things are nearly impossible to easily take from location to location. The VertiMax V-Series platforms are 6 feet by 4 feet with a 4 foot by 4-foot landing mat (approx.16 square feet). The V8 weighs 145 lbs and the V8 EX weighs 157 lbs. Definitely not the easiest piece of equipment to train with, especially if you’re limited on where you can take it.

The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT is worn by YOU! It’s not heavy to lug around and can be taken anywhere. Use it outdoors, or indoors WHEREVER you want. Having the POWERSUIT gives coaches, trainers, and athletes the physical and psychological tools they need to develop superior performance and sustainable fitness on and off the field.

We know the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance is SUPERIOR to a vertimax system. Suit Up and get yours today!

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