The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance does not mess around when it comes to amplifying your training to help YOU perform better. Who doesn’t love being the best in what they do? In the POWERSUIT it will help you run faster, and train harder. Because running gives you a FULL BODY workout, wearing your POWERSUIT to do this will develop a higher level of endurance!

Now more than ever, we need to be more conscious of how we treat our bodies. On September 12th, 2019 Health Day News released a report on the new adult obesity rates, and it’s not pretty. The number of U.S. states with adult obesity rates rose above 35%. In 2018, the nine states with adult obesity rates above 35% were: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and West Virginia. That's two more than the year before. As recently as 2012, no state topped 35%. This shows an increase in weight gain across the United States.

Treadmill Use

This means it’s time to get into shape! Running and jogging rank #2 on the list of most popular cardio exercises. In fact, the treadmill is the MOST POPULAR machine when it comes to cardio equipment. By wearing the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT on the treadmill you are doing yourself a favor. Treadmills offer users an endless amount of ways to customize their cardio workout. Because they are used for indoor purposes, athletes can consistently train harder all year in their POWERSUITS.

Interval Training

Running in intervals combines a mixture of low and high impact runs. At certain points, you will put in more work and run faster for shorter times, followed by jogging. Are you trying to bring your time down? By utilizing the POWERSUIT your body will naturally train harder during interval training. When you take the suit off, it's muscle memory! Your body will naturally work harder as if the suit was on!

Keep It Simple

Base runs make up a majority of running workouts! It is a somewhat short run at your natural pace used for building up endurance and aerobic activity. For example, running 5 miles at a natural pace. This can absolutely be done in your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT. Because of the suit’s unique design, you will find it is fully functional to wear on those runs! Base runs are meant to be easy, so incorporating the POWERSUIT shouldn’t be too challenging!

Progression Run

More challenging than a base, in a progression run, you start out at a natural pace and gradually get faster over time. This is a GREAT workout to do if you are looking to boost your stamina. Lucky for you, the POWERSUIT is designed to help you train better, and build up stamina. The POWERSUIT has an application to every sport so it is working your body harder in motion, and while completely still.

Hill Repeats

Don’t just limit yourself to the flat ground! For those looking for a challenge, incorporate your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT while performing hill repeats. Find a steep hill and try sprinting from the bottom as fast as you can. Jog to the bottom and repeat! But be careful! Hill running increases your risk for ankle injuries. Lucky for you, performing a normal running activity at full speed in POWERSUIT decreases injury risk by improving physical ability! This is challenging but so worth it!

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to run faster? Get online and purchase the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance now!


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