How the POWERSUIT Will Change Sports

Updated: May 15, 2019

The only future that exists is the one we make with our own hands. If you want to be the best, you have to work like a champion. The Universal Performance family knows this and wants to grasp a future of our own design. That’s why we put blood, sweat, and tears into our incredible POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT. We have designed this marvel with increased weight to give you that extra push while training to maximize results. It is the answer to any and all your workout prayers and this suit is going to change sports. How? Well, we are so confident in what we built that we KNOW this will change how training is done.

What makes the POWERSUIT so special? All that extra weight we have woven into it, of course. Weight training has been used for centuries by countless civilizations across the world. From classic martial arts to the fighting pits of Rome, it's an ancient but time tested method of improving physical skills. We have reinvented how this training works with the POWERSUIT. We have distributed the weight so your body will be working as long as you wear it. Even just going for a simple walk on a boardwalk turns into an intense full body workout.

We have huge plans for the POWERSUIT and now exactly how it will change the sports world forever.

Better Training Results

At the end of the day, every master of a sport has trained their heart out. They're usually the first one showing up to practice and the last out at night, working until their bones breaks and hands bleed. But what if your combined working hard with working smart? That would be an athlete we wouldn’t envy facing on the field but we do want that athlete to use the POWERSUIT. The suit improves strength, agility, endurance levels, and overall physical ability. Combine those results with those of your classic training drills for insane results. Not only will you be the best on your team, but you will also become one of the best in the world.

Universal Coverage

What works to help someone become an amazing football won’t help a tennis star become the next legendary player. There has never been a true training method that covers all sports...until now! The POWERSUIT helps all athletes of every sport take their training to new levels. Why? Because it has universal coverage. Football, swimming, tennis, baseball, golf, any sport you can think of can benefit from the suit. Even just wearing it while walking around the park will improve that workout. On top of that, you can use this amazing piece of equipment to take your workouts to the next level. Once you train with the POWERSUIT, you’ll wonder how you ever worked out without one.

Reduce Injury Risk

Nothing can spell disaster for a team and someone's athletic career like a training injury. Most coaches and athletes would do anything for even a fractionally less chance of someone being knocked out of a season. Lucky for them, the POWERSUIT helps reduce the risk of training-related injuries. This doesn’t just extend to the pregame drills but also on the field. The POWERSUIT helps someone improve their movement, lessening the chances of a mid-game disaster. Protect yourself while improving yourself when you use our suit to train!

We Will Keep Improving

No matter how amazing a training method is or how groundbreaking training gear is, there is a way to make it better. Nothing ever stays the same. How much have cars improved since 1945? Would life be as great as it is today if after the first cell phone came out someone said, “no way to make it better!” No, and that is what drives us at Universal performance. We will continue to develop and improve our POWERSUIT. There is always a way to take anything to the next level. We strive to take training to the highest level.

We have big plans for the future of the POWERSUIT. We want to take the sports world by storm and are working hard towards that goal. The Universal Performance family is all about improvement and taking your game to the next level. Train with us to become the next legendary player on the field. Be sure to check out our partner POWERHANDZ for more amazing training equipment. Once you train with our POWERSUIT, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before. Contact us today to get started! To learn more about our mission, products, and the POWERSUIT, check out our blog.


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