How the POWERSUIT will boost your workouts

Updated: May 15, 2019

How many times have you wished to take your training to the next level? You surely have said, “There must be a be a way to get better results” at least once. Well, your prayers have been answered by the cutting-edge team at Universal Performance. Thousands of hours have gone into crafting our ultimate POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT. With extra weight expertly woven into its stitches, this training tool will quickly help you take your training to levels you couldn’t even imagine. We don’t need to tell you that the better your workout is, the better you will perform. No matter what you are training for, the POWERSUIT will help you reach the highest peaks of skill and fitness. Just take a look at some of the incredible benefits it will give you!

Full Body Resistance

For years, athletes have been engaging in resistance training, making it one of the most powerful ways to train. The basics of resistance training are adding resistance to the body or a set of muscle to help stimulate growth, increase reaction time and speed. When you wear the POWERSUIT, it gives you full-body resistance. Your arms will experience it just as much as your shoulders and core. This means that when you train with the suit, your entire body begins to reap the benefits of resistance training. Why is this so great? Because that means your body will be a finely tuned machine ready to decimate the competition. You don’t have to be the person with the fastest arms in basketball or strongest shoulders in football; be the one that has the strength and speed of a Greek God.

Corrects your breathing

No matter what physical activity we are doing, our power does not come from muscles, but instead from the breath. Strong lungs are needed to give the muscles and body enough oxygen to keep going, no matter what the situation is. Unless you are spending most of your days in the water, you probably aren’t training your lungs properly. When designing our suit, we took this into account and have created it with the intention of it correcting your breathing. Most adults take small shallow breaths, even when exhausted. However, deep breaths will give you more energy and much richer oxygen intake, giving you exactly what you need to keep going. The POWERSUIT helps fix this problem, thus giving you the ability to take in the maximum amount of air. Breathe as deeply as if you were meditating in the heat of the action.

Reduced risk of injury

We all know someone who was unlucky enough to be injured while training. Whether it was simply pulling a muscle or something as catastrophic as breaking a bone, training injuries are not a “luxury” anyone can afford. How do you eliminate the risk of injury while not compromising your training? The POWERSUIT of course. We have specially designed it to help prevent injury, something that is invaluable to you. Can you imagine weeks of training going to waste because you hurt yourself just a few days before it would all pay off? With the POWERSUIT, you only have to imagine it, not live it. Ensure that all your hard work doesn't go to waste due to some freak accident.

Increases endurance levels

Endurance is the one aspect that determines victory more than any other. You can have all the drive and training in the world but it won’t mean anything if you run out of energy. Due to the fact that the POWERSUIT has extra weighted weaved into its stitches, your endurance will increase as your train. Putting your body under more stressful conditions that use endurance more quickly will allow you to not only build up how long you can last but increase the amount of energy you are using when the time comes. It doesn’t matter if you are training to be an Olympic champion or just for your local sports team, when your endurance levels are higher than anyone else's, you will be able to outlast the competition.

The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT will help you boost your workouts to unimaginable levels. By increasing your levels of endurance, reducing your chance of injury, correcting your breathing, and adding resistance to your entire body, this training gear will bring you to the highest tier of fitness. Train with purpose when you join the Universal Performance family. We want nothing but the best for every athlete we work with and want them to reach their maximum potential. Join us and the POWERHANDZ family and become the next legendary player today!


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