Best Football Drills to do with the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Before you know it, football training will be upon us. Thousands of players from across the country at all skill levels will reunite with their teammates to prepare for the coming season. From American youth programs to the NFL, everyone is hustling to be the best on the field. Training hard is what makes the difference between victory and defeat. As the old saying goes, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and the Universal Performance family can assure you the truth of that statement. That’s why we have designed the All-Star POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT to take your training to the highest tier. While it will revolutionize how you train, the suit will truly shine when combined with the proper drills. Here are some of our favorites to rock with the POWERSUIT!

Box Squats

One of the keys to football is physical strength. Naturally, the POWERSUIT helps you build strength more efficiently due to the fact that it is designed with extra weight. Box squats help build strength in the body and legs, allowing a player to improve both areas of the body. This also specifically helps build strength in the knees. In turn, a player will have improved reaction time and better evasion skills during the game. The POWERSUIT helps add extra strain to the body, bringing this workout to the next level. Let this be your new favorite way to round your skills for Football.

Circle the Cone

This drill helps players gain better control over their movements and improves their agility. Both of these aspects are crucial in football. We have all seen that one play where a player zigs instead of zags or just can’t quite move out of a jam and blows a perfect touchdown opportunity. Luckily, this drill is easy to execute. Do the following to master it:

  • Set a pair of cones 5 to 8 yards apart

  • Straighten your body

  • Move as fast as you can towards a cone without misstepping

  • Circle the cone as tight as possible

  • Run to the other cone and repeat

  • Do this until the set is complete

When you wear the POWERSUIT while doing this drill, your training will be improved 10 fold. The suit is made to make training difficult so when it comes to the game, athletes are going to smoke the competition. Never worry about being tackled again when you can dance around the oncoming attackers.

Side Lunges

Side Lunges are one of the most important training drills out there for football players. Moving sideways in football is often frowned upon for a number of reasons. It leaves a player open, doesn’t advance the team on the field, and increases the risk of injury. However, if a player can master the side step they will have a massive advantage. Now, the POWERSUIT was designed to allow players to get the most out of their training but it will take the side lunge stretch to god-like levels of training. The exercise itself is simple, a player just moves side to side stretching their legs. Moving low when they are apart and then pulling themselves back up to standing position when they bring their legs back together. This helps build strength in the muscles and joints. Never leave this out of your training routine again once you use it in combination with the POWERSUIT to bring your team to glory!

“Fast Feet” drill

Unfortunately, the opposing team won’t always give you a lot of room to move around on the field. This is why you need to be able to move as fast as possible in tight quarters. The “fast feet” drill is meant to train this exact skill. To execute this drill, do the following:

  • Set 3 pairs of cones 5 meters apart down the field

  • Keep the space between the pairs just enough to move through

  • Rush through the space between cones hanging as tight to one as possible

  • Do this for all 3 pairs before turning around an repeating

  • Repeat until the set is complete

This helps you train your speed and ability to move in close quarters. The POWERSUIT will help take the drill to the highest level, making more of an impact on a player. Never worry about not being able to move around a narrow space again. You’ll be able to fly through those small spaces and score the winning touchdown.

Training hard is what makes or breaks a team. One player putting in the extra effort in practice is the difference between being a flop in the first game of the season or going to the championship. Train with purpose and master these drills to take your skills to their highest potential. That’s why when you train with the Universal Performance POWERSUIT, you will make the most of your workouts. Our mission is to help athletes reach their maximum potential and crush the competition. Contact us today and to learn more about the POWERSUIT and how to take your training to the next level, check out our blog.


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