Just standing there isn’t going to help you work out, BUT standing in your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance will! That's right, by simply wearing your POWERSUIT each movement is more intense! Even while standing still your core is burning fat from the inside out! The BEST part about The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT is how FUNCTIONAL it is outside of the gym!

What better way to utilize the fully functional POWERSUIT than wearing it while walking! Walking is actually a GREAT cardio exercise! The #1 MOST POPULAR in fact. All you need is a pair of sneakers and to remain at a pace of at least 3 mph! While you can walk on a treadmill at the gym, what better way to amplify your cardio workout than by walking in your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by UNIVERSAL PERFORMANCE? That’s right, turn up the intensity of your workout by utilizing your POWERSUIT while WALKING. You’ll burn more calories, just by standing still.

Daily Activities

YES. You can do so much more than fitness in your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT. Throughout the day we are constantly getting up and down, and climbing stairs. Walking is one of the most basic activities we do just like sleeping and breathing. But walking is much more than just putting one foot in front of the other.

Throughout our day we complete many things on our “to-do” lists. By the time we complete everything some people may often find that they are too tired to go for a walk, or to the gym. LUCKILY the POWERSUIT is so discreet you can walk in it anywhere just by layering your clothes on top! Take a walk through the mall, down the block, and even do your grocery shopping in the POWERSUIT. By wearing the POWERSUIT to the grocery store you are burning more calories pushing the cart, and developing core strength standing there looking at the shelves!

The truth is, we need to work out. In 2018, the obesity rate rose over 30% amongst adults in the United States. The great thing is the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT is fully functional! That means it is perfect to wear to sweat out those extra calories! Walking is the main cardio exercise preferred by a majority of people. The POWERSUIT by Universal Performance is made with a unique fabric that has 1.25 LBS WOVEN directly into the material on each side of the chest, each side of the upper back, over each shoulder blade, and 2.5 LBS wrapped around each thigh.

Your Posture is Important

Did we mention that due to the even weight distribution of the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT it has the ability to help you maintain great posture? How each person takes care of their bodies is an important factor in being able to walk comfortably and easily! In the POWERSUIT you will maintain an upright posture. This keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that your muscles can fire properly! When you maintain good posture, you are able to breathe easier and walk longer and faster. On top of this, it can help avoid back pain. *BONUS* Good Posture helps you look longer, leaner, and more fit! An instant image upgrade! Now that you know the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance helps maintain good posture, what are you waiting for?

During those evening strolls in your POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT your body will naturally work harder, without feeling like you are wearing any extra bulky clothing to shed those extra pounds!

Because walking is low impact, it is gentle on the body. This means that walking is IDEAL for people who may have arthritis or some extra weight. Keep in mind, the POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT is comfortable to wear and workout in! Don’t have enough time to go for a walk? Schedule some power walks. Everything counts! Whether it’s walking to your mailbox, or just running some errands.

The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance can be utilized for ANY physical activity. See what all of the talk is about. SUIT UP and STAND OUT today!


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