7 Reasons People Are Buying The POWERSUIT This Holiday Season!

The POWERHANDZ POWERSUIT by Universal Performance makes a great gift to a friend or family member. If you aren’t obsessed with your physical health, chances are you know someone who is! Who is that person in your life? They are most likely looking to gain more from their workouts and the POWERSUIT is perfect for just that! Here are just a few reasons why POWERSUIT sales are skyrocketing this holiday season!

FULL BODY RESISTANCE TRAINING- The training provided by our all-in-one suit doesn't just focus on one muscle group, but all of them. No part of your body this holiday season will be at risk for gaining fat or slowing down with the POWERSUIT

DEVELOPS CORE STRENGTH- Standing alone in the POWERSUIT serves as a work out for your core due to the perfectly distributed and added weight, resulting in improved posture and metabolism! Can you say healthy living?!.

INCREASES EXPLOSIVE REACTION- Customers looking for that extra burn to increase overall strength and agility need to look no further when it comes to the POWERSUIT. You’ll see an increase in your vertical leaps as well as your endurance. Our specific design promotes you to push harder without even noticing it, making it easier for you to pull yourself out of bed the day after the holiday festivities.

PROMOTES CORRECT BREATHING- The POWERSUIT forces you to improve your balance by strengthening your core. In turn, this causes your posture to improve and results in standing straight and the opening of your airway which makes inhalations and exhalations easier.

ALLOWS FULL RANGE OF MOTION- The scientific weight distribution of the POWERSUIT promotes a healthy spine and a subsequent upright posture for all body types. The Core-strengthening aspect of this suit will help you stand tall with your limbs in alignment.

HAS APPLICATION TO EVERY SPORT- Every athlete can benefit and improve their abilities with with the POWERSUIT. From the demanding strength and poise of gymnastics to the ridgid drive of professional weightlifting, POWERSUITS benefits can not be confined!

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